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...It's about the joy

by putting you as close to the recording session as possible.

From your living room.

Auditory Ascent LLC

It It starts in the studio.

We put you there through quality equipment that sits you as close to the recording session as we can. Whether you're looking for a single component or entire installation we take a systems approach, offer honest opinions and let you decide the direction. 


It's not about what you own but how you enjoy it - if it's a $1000 system, great.  If your tastes lean toward a $100,000 system we can provide that as well.  We're users of this gear, not salespeople.


Looking for a click and ship website?  This isn't it.

There are as many opinions in audio as there are ears - the only one that matters is yours. 

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We work with over fifty manufacturing  Partners.


At Auditory Ascent we believe working with trusted brands is the best way to provide your audio equipment and services needs.

We do a lot of the footwork for you to stay on top of technologies like Hi-Res audio streaming.

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Rega P3 picture.png

Rega Turntables, etc.

Revel Performa BE pix.jpg

Revel Speakers

Arcam P240.jpg

Arcam Electronics

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First, we listen

Then, we do

Good audio starts with good engineering - we personalize it for you.

The rules of audio don't care how much you've spent.

So spend wisely
We work with vendor partners based on their engineering and manufacturing skills.
Good engineering always wins.

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Here's where we started...

My living room is a difficult place to reproduce turntable audio. Scouting my engineering books, I came up with a hand built turntable isolator that works.  The low end of my turntable audio improved, the mid ranges were crisp and the high end was understandable.  People heard the difference and we started making them - our first product!! 
I tried other options - most didn't work and none of them matched the beauty of dovetailed hardwoods.

Out isolators are hand built in Minnesota from hardwoods using through dovetailed joints. Each one takes 6 hours over 3 days to make before it's shipped to your door. We're happy to go over custom solutions.  

Please contact us before ordering to go over prices and options.  We accept checks, credit, debit and online payments.

Installation Services 

If you'd like assistance getting things up and running let us know. We always enjoy getting to know you better.  

One of the most important contributors to good (or bad) sound is your room.  We usually start there when asked.

"So I left the office a little early to play with my new toy.
Perfection.  Dropped the needle on some Zappa - not everyone's cup of tea I realize - but it's well recorded and has all sorts of weird instrumentation, sounds, etc. Absolutely came to life immediately.  It was startling actually.  I was hearing things behind me, all over the room. CRAZY soundstage.  Loud vocal passages and cymbals are way more articulate.  Very pleased." 
"Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I’m enjoying my turntable isolator. You have really brought my analog chain to a new (low) level of quiet and very much increased the audible micro details in my recordings while improving top end and low end dynamics. Consider me one happy customer!" 
"Very impressive results top to bottom as I immediately noticed that any ‘muddy’ sound was completely gone. The beautiful workmanship and fine craftsmanship made this unit a permanent part of my audiophile system. Thanks Auditory Ascent!!!! "

Get in touch

Serving nationally from Duluth, MN

218 393 0156

A note about this page.  Your info will not be sold or released to anyone else.  We don't like it when it happens to us and don't think you do either.  We don't manipulate cookies (they're for your benefit) but your browser, website host or search engine might.  We figure since you've come this far you know where to find us.  Thanks.

​Our owner holds three F.C.C. licenses, is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, oversaw  radio & TV facilities, customizes stereo systems, designed the turntable isolator and is a bit of an audio nerd.

A portion of our revenue is given to support people living in difficult parts of the world.  

A Song of Ascents. 'To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens!'  Psalm 123:1

copyright 2024 Auditory Ascent LLC


Dedicated to Doug Sax of The Mastering Lab.  

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